A bit about me

Hello there!

My name is Danielle Ferguson and I am a journalist in Sioux Falls, SD. 

I was raised in a South Dakota farm town, and never thought I’d see the state from the viewpoint of a journalist.

From sitting in a courtroom to sitting in an execution witness room, I’ve been exposed to the darkest society has to offer. I’ve also met forgiving and dedicated people, whether it’s a mother of a deceased crime victim showing compassion for the accused or an attorney working into the late hours of the night fighting for a man she believes is innocent.

I happened upon journalism. My freshman year at Iowa State University, I walked into the Iowa State Daily’s advertising department prepared to jump in on the business side, but my interviewer said he had a feeling I would probably prefer news.

I never looked back.

I was a reporter, editor and editor in chief. I eventually had the opportunity to return to my home state and join a team of wonderful journalists in bringing information to our community.

I’m still early in my career, but feel I’ve learned so much in my time with the Argus Leader and Sioux Falls.

My free time is spent walking other people’s dogs, playing volleyball and meeting new people. I regularly quote Friends, The Office and an embarrassing amount of Disney movies. People who have never met me before say I remind them of the title character from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Still trying to figure out if that’s a compliment.

Thank you for visiting my site. Here, I hope to show you a bit about me and my work.

Feel free to view my resume under the resume tab or contact me under the contact information tab.

Thank you!